Puzzle and Game Links

Puzzle and Game Links

Smiling Girl finding Puzzles and Games

Smiling Girl finding Puzzles and Games

Crosswords4Kids.com is part of Moms Network, which is one of the original networks for moms on the internet.  Moms Network has been around since 1998 offering free resources for moms and free advertising and promotion for work at home moms and mom bloggers.

Moms Network consists of more than 28 websites.  Below are just some of our websites for you to enjoy:

Fun & Puzzle Links:

FreeFontFun.com 9000+ Free Fonts for Scrapbooking, School & Websites

MazestoPrint.com 1000’s of printable mazes, including being able to create your own maze.

KidPrintables.com 1000’s of printable activities for kids. Coloring pages, bingo cards, thank you notes, word searches, bookmarks and much more. Also has tons of kid’s recipes, kid crafts and children’s songs

FreeColoringPageFun.com More than 2500 printable coloring pages. Sports, seasons, holidays, religious, zoo, circus, animals, numbers, letters and many more.

WuzzlesandPuzzles.com more than 1100 free printable puzzles  for you to test your brain and skills with word and math puzzles, mazes, brain teasers and more.

ColorPagesforMom.com more than 250 adult and advanced coloring pages to choose from.

MixesinaJar.com more than 250 jar mix recipes to create, mix and give for gifts.

GingerbreadNook.com Free crafty & prim printables: notecards, recipe cards, notepads, country coloring pages, fax sheets, christmas gift tags and more!