Fill In Crossword Puzzles

Fill In Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Fill In Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Fill In Crossword Puzzle

Fill In Crossword Puzzles have a bit of a twist.  Each fill in crossword puzzle has a different theme. They include bodies of water, animals, flowers, music, Disney characters, holidays, countries, sports, colors and many more.  Each puzzle includes all the words already given to you, without any clues.   You will need to figure out where each word fits into the puzzle, so that all words work together to complete the puzzle.

These are fun and challenging puzzles, yet not too difficult, that kids will enjoy.  We DO suggest though that these puzzles are for ages 10 and up.  They will take time, trial and error to get the correct results.

Just click on the name of the fill in crossword puzzle below to view or print the puzzle.  Each puzzle will open in a new window and includes a link to the answer guide.  There is a “print” icon at the top of each page, so you can just click and easily print each crossword puzzle.

Animals Bodies of Water Books of the Bible/NT
Books of the Bible/OT Capital Cities 1 Capital Cities 2
Christmas Clothing Colors
Continents & Oceans Countries 1 Countries 2
Desserts Disney Characters 1 Disney Characters 2
Disney Movies Emotions Flowers
Food French Words 2 French Words
Fruits & Veggies Halloween Household Items
In the Kitchen Music Parts of the Body
Popular Restaurants Popular Stores Presidents 1
Presidents 2 School Spanish Words
Spanish Words 2 Sports States 1
States 2 Technology Thanksgiving
Things that Fly Things to Do Things to Drink
Transportation Weather Zoo Animals

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